Travel Tips: What To Bring: Maine Coast

The expression "If you don't like Maine weather wait a minute" is true, so pack a warm jacket and sweater as well as shorts and a bathing suit. Comfortable rubber-soled shoes/sneakers or sport sandals are a must, as are sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat that won't blow off. Don't forget your rain gear just in case. You might also like to bring binoculars, camera, musical instrument, wildlife guides, needlework, or a notebook.

Please remember that the WANDERBIRD is a traditional, informal vessel where comfort is the order of the day. Pack like you would for a camping trip, no ties or gowns required. Most people find they can pack all they need in one duffel bag.

Maine Coast Voyages:

  • Soft duffel bag type luggage
  • Comfortable, casual clothing (Layers work very well- simply plan accordingly for the time of year)
  • Rubber soled shoes or sneakers (for beach combing, hiking, relaxing on deck)
  • Shorts & bathing suit
  • Warm hat & sweater
  • Rain gear (just in case)
  • Sun screen & SPF lip balm
  • Cameras, batteries & film (or memory card)
  • Binoculars & wildlife guides (A good pair of binoculars will enhance your trip in many ways, particularly in viewing birds and other wildlife.)
  • Musical instruments & song book
  • Knitting, needlework, or a sketch book
  • The Book That You Have Been Trying to Find Time to Read!
  • Some stargzers enjoy sleeping on deck - they bring a sleeping bag
  • Water bottle
  • Bug spray
  • Sport sandals or water shoes
  • Hat (ballcap or other sun hat for protection)
  • Waterproof light backpack or fanny pack
  • Technical quick dry clothing (Hiking & Kayaking Voyages)
  • Multi-sport sneakers or comfortable hiking boots (Hiking Voyages)
  • Pants with zip off legs are helpful (Hiking & Kayaking Voyages)
  • Alcoholic or carbonated beverages of your choice (ship serves tea and lemonade, and maybe some wine at dinner)
  • Bring a hungry sailor’s appetite!

Shop for Gear at the Ship’s Store

Many items are available through our Ship’s Store in Belfast:

  • Medium Weight Polar Fleece Jackets with Logo
  • Waffle Weave Thermal Shirts with Logo (Good for Layering)
  • Watch Caps with Logo
  • Ladies Polar Fleece Vests with Logo (Good for Layering)
  • Ladies Cotton Stretch Jerseys with Logo (Good for Layering)
  • Lined Warm Jackets with Logo
  • Baseball Caps with Logo (for keeping the sun out of your eyes)
  • Canvas or Denim Sun Hats (for Boating)
  • Canvas Book Bags with Logo
  • Drinking Water Bottle with Logo
  • Destination Specific Guides and Books

Items can be ordered directly from our Store in Belfast, Maine
by calling 1-866-SEA-BIRD or 1-207-338-3088

Luggage Requirements

Luggage should be limited to soft bags such as duffel bags for the ship. No rigid-frames or bags with metals wheels please. For air travel, baggage is limited to no more than and 60 lbs. per participant, and no single bag should exceed 45 lbs.

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