Destinations: Newfoundland

The Expedition Vessel WANDERBIRD spends part of her season cruising to the far North, and passengers meet us at several ports-of-call along the way to participate in all or part of the journey. In previous years we have sailed up the east coast of Canada, to the land of the iceberg and the polar bear. We are excited to return in 2010, as we have made a wonderful connection with the land and people.

Our Newfoundland Ports-of Call:

Argentia, Gander, Deer Lake, Port Aux Basques, St. Anthony, St John's


Tourism Info:

Argentia Chamber of Commerce

Port aux Basques

This region of the Southern Coast of Newfoundland abounds with deep and mighty fiords where the cliffs rise straight up hundreds of feet as we travel miles inland to our incredibly protected anchorages. As the scenery and waterfalls emerge from wisps of fog, they are breathtaking. In this area we also visit some of the few remaining outports that can only be reached by boat and meet some of the hardy folk who still fight to earn a living from the sea. We will plan to visit some of the offshore islands like Ramea. Very few vessels travel here, and the whales and seabirds are like nowhere else. This is a voyage of a lifetime!

Tourism Info:

Port aux Basques Chamber of Commerce

St. Anthony

As we travel up the great northern peninsula on our voyage to St Anthony, we'll see the northern boreal forest inhabited by moose, caribou and bald eagles.  Take time while in St Anthony to climb the 476 step walkway to experience breath taking views over Fishing Point and surrounding communities, visit the Grenfell Interpretation Centre to gain insight into the amazing life of Dr. Grenfell and the work of the Grenfell Mission, and don't miss Viking Landing (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), an archaeological site featuring the reconstructions of three Norse buildings which are the earliest known European settlement in the New World.

Tourism Information:

Town of St Anthony Site

Recomended Cultural Sites, Museums & More:

Grenfell Historic Properties
1 Maraval Road
St. Anthony, NF
(Interpretive Center & Home of Dr. Wilfred T. Grenfel; the Labrador Doctor. This is a great educational starting point for a deeper under standing of the Labrador Coast, especially for those of you about to or who have just embarked on our Labrador Voyage.)

L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland
1-709-623-2828 or 1-877- 620-2828
(Viking Living History Center & Archaeological Site; A Must See)

shrimperSt John's:

Come along with us to visit the 400-year-old commercial port and capital of Newfoundland, St. John’s; where the Atlantic Ocean and the rising sun make their first appearance in North America. As we depart St. John's harbor and head north, we will witness majestic humpbacks frolicking in the Atlantic, we'll pass island colonies of seabirds (home to thousands of nesting puffins, gannets, kittiwake and storm petrels), 10,000 year old icebergs will drift by, and we'll experience dramatic coastlines.  Together aboard Wanderbird, we'll explore tiny fishing communities such as like Trinity, Hearts Content, and Twillingate, as we make new friends and greet old friends alike.  Newfoundland is made up of a people whose lives have been shaped by the sea for over 500 years. Learn of rich traditions and history that are celebrated through local music and art. As we travel up the great northern peninsula to end our voyage in St Anthony, we'll see the northern boreal forest inhabited by moose, caribou and bald eagles. 

Tourism Info:

Deptartment of Tourism, Culture & Recreation
PO Box 8700, 2nd Floor, West Block
St. John's, NF A1B 4J6 Canada

houseNatural History, Museums & Cultural Sites:

Cape Spear Natonal Historic Site
Cape Spear (outside St. John's on route 11)
P.O.Box 1268, St. John's, NF A1C 5M9
(The most easterly point in North America, Cape Spear served as a strategic location for a lighthouse in the eighteenth century and a military fort in the nineteenth century. Since 1836, the site has been home to the oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland. Restored to its original appearance, the lighthouse interprets the life of a 19th century lightkeeper and his family.)

Cape St. Marys Ecological Reserve
Cape Shore; near St. Brides & Branch on the Avalon Peninsula
(One of the most accessable seabird nesting colonies in North America)

Fort Amherst Lighthouse, Museum & Tea Room
Southside Road
13 Fort Amherst
St. John's, NL Canada A1C 5H2
(The former lightkeeper's dwelling has been transformed into a museum, photo gallery, tea room and craft shop. Can be booked for private parties, meetings, gatherings, etc. Spectacular view & a must see for lighthouse enthusiasts.)

Johnson Geo Center
175 Signal Hill Road
St. John's, Newfoundland Canada A1A 1B2
(An absolute must see: featuring the stories behind the radical changes that take place in our climate, the story of Earth, 550 million year old exposed rock walls, and exibit called Our Planet, Our Province, Our People & Our Future, as well as specimens of Newfoundland and Labrador's most significant rocks and minerals.)

gannettRailway Coastal Museum
495 Water Street
St. John's, NL A1E 6B5
(Former train station. In this magnificent heritage building, this museum exhibits the 100 year history of the Newfoundland Railway and Coastal Boat services.)

The Rooms
9 Bonaventure Avenue
P.O. Box 1800, Station C
St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9
(The Rooms cultural & heritage site unites the Provincial Museum, the Provincial Art Gallery and the Provincial Archives under one roof. The Rooms is a portal to the many stories our province has to tell... its unique modern design mirrors the "fishing rooms"where families came together to process their catch decades ago.)

Signal Hill
Signal Hill Road, St. John's
St. John's, Newfoundland Canada A1A 1B2
(Tour the Visitor Centre to learn the military and merchant ship history, also the first trans-atlantic communications site. Hike some of Signal Hill's 5 km of walking trails while watching for whales, seabirds and icebergs along the coast.)