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Special feature: birdwatching!


Our Vessel

The WanderbirdWe are proud to welcome you aboard the WANDERBIRD. This vessel is the culmination of our over forty years combined experience as professional mariners. We invite you to join us aboard this extraordinary vessel. We have drawn from our experience of carrying passengers on a traditional rigged sailing ship to create a custom design for your safety and comfort. WANDERBIRD is a combination of several elements: a traditional ketch auxillary sailing rig, interiors with classic yacht design, a gourmet galley, the strength and integrity of a working fishing vessel and capabilities for off-shore adventure.

wanderbird: galley
the galley

· Intimate Setting - 12 Passengers Aboard Our 90 Foot Vessel
· Varnished Woodwork in Galley, Library, Dining Area & Deck Salon
· Large Spacious Decks
· Spacious, Bright & Open Galley
· 6 Cosy and comfortable double cabins
· Private Head & Shower in Each Cabin
· Observation Deck & Teak Steamer Chairs
· Two Small Boats for Shore Side Adventures

wanderbird: deck house
the deck house

One of the favorite shipboard places for relaxation is the deck house. The deck house is completely protected from the weather, with lots of windows, beautiful varnished wood panels, a reading library, comfortable couches and even a traditional shipmate stove. At night, the salon is filled with lantern light, song and stories. Musical instruments are always welcome!

The below-deck salon is laid out in the typical style of a 19th century pilot schooner, with a warm comfortable wood interior. It was designed for educational films and natural history demonstrations, and can double as an informal classroom.

Shore-Side Adventures:
We carry three boats that take us on our shore-side adventures:
The Pilot - Our Stout 20 foot Skiff with 75hp Outboard
The Zodiac - A small, inflatable rubber boat that makes it possible to
safely land in places where there are no piers or docking arrangements, and provides access to even the most remote and undeveloped shores.
The Cetacea - Our favorite little row boat; a wooden classic.

wanderbird: galleyOur choice blend of old and new:
The WANDERBIRD is a traditional styled vessel with modern navigation & safety equipment. Our engine is used to take us on our planned course, and sails are supplementary. Modern equipment is used for whalesong recording and other safety/research purposes. But our loving restoration of the WANDERBIRD has retained the feeling of the old Dutch fishing vessel by using traditional materials wherever possible.

Her steel and wood construction combine the 20th-century's highest safety standards with the authenticity of classic 19th-century North Sea fishing vessel plus:

Navigation & Electronics: 2 VHF radios, 2 Radar Sets, 2 GPS, wind instruments, Satellite Communications, depth sounder, SSB Radio Telephone, gyro-compass, compass, auto-pilot, weather fax, computer, cellular phone

Owner operated, Wanderbird meets or exceeds all safety requirements for her class of transportation, and Lloyd's specifications for vessels carrying passengers, 6 water-tight compartments, Mechanical: powerful Industrie 510hp diesel engine, hydraulic crane, three generators, desalinater for converting sea water to fresh, and fuel capacity to carry her 3,000 nautical miles.

Safety First: Aboard Wanderbird we have a healthy respect for the power of nature, and passenger safety is always our main concern.

wanderbird: deck houseHistory:
Wanderbird was built as a classic North Sea fishing trawler by the H. de Hass shipyard in Maassluis, Holland. She was launched as beam trawler for the Jaczon's, a Dutch fishing family, in 1963 and fished until 1990. A beam or side trawl carries fishing nets from the side of the vessel. The Dutch have a reputation for being some of the worlds finest shipbuilders, and the North Sea has a reputation for being one of the most cold, harsh, rough seas in the world. She was built to Dutch standards and operated year round in the extreme conditions of the North Sea for 27 years! We chose Wanderbird for her ability to combine tough, dependable transportation with comfort, safety and 19th century European style. Her massively constructed steel hull and high bulwarks make her an optimal choice for safely carrying passengers in the North Atlantic and Canadian Maritmes.

Length - 90 feet on deck
Beam 21 feet
Draft 10 feet
112 Gross Tonnage

wanderbird: section

floor plans:
wanderbird: floor plans




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